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We have been selling email encryption products for more than 15 years, helping companies world-wide to automatically protect their email against unauthorised access both in transit and at rest.

Our customers come from a wide range of backgrounds and industries, including banks, law firms, pension funds, governmental agencies, schools, and healthcare providers. While we would love to be able to tell you which companies and organisations depend on our products, we are aware that this information is sensitive by nature. We will therefore only provide customer references on request.

Our Partners

Tri Computers have years of experience supporting teaching and learning by providing reliable infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies to schools. With such wide exposure to the computing challenges faced in education, we have the ideal team to help with planning, maintenance, and development

Softegg was founded to address the IT needs of schools. Our technical services support 15 local education authorities across the South and South East of England in over 400 schools, and our innovative service approach has been successfully implemented in over 150 schools.