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X509 for Android

This is an Android application which can be used with your existing Android mail application to send and receive S/MIME digitally signed and encrypted email with an Android smartphone.

Main Features

  • S/MIME 3.1 (X.509, RFC 3280)
  • Can be used with the Android Gmail application
  • Compatible with existing S/MIME clients (like Outlook, Lotus Notes, Thunderbird etc.)
  • Message body and attachments are encrypted
  • HTML email support
  • Certificates are automatically extracted from incoming email
  • Certificate revocation lists (CRLs) are automatically downloaded (LDAP and HTTP)
  • Certificate trust lists (CTLs) can be used to black or white-list certificates
  • External LDAP servers can be queried for new certificates
  • Can generate self-signed certificates for a ‘private-PKI’


X509 for Android does not provide functionality to retrieve email. An existing Android email application with attachment support, for example Gmail or K9, should be used to retrieve the encrypted attached smime.p7m message.