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The EC issued Directive 95/46/EC in 1995 with regards to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data. This means that all European countries have strict legislative measures in place to protect the privacy of personal information, and in the event of data breaches fines can be imposed and in the case of negligence prison sentences may also be available to local data protection organisation.

The solution can either be hosted or deployed within your own environment. You choose.

Right now, we are hosting solutions for all UK schools, and have over 100 schools using our email encryption. The more schools that join the scheme, the better, as all emails are automatically encrypted and decrypted between participating schools without any user intervention.

We will shortly be launching a hosted service for Health, Legal, Finance and PCI customers, so all companies regardless of size can ensure that they are compliant with legislation, and do not risk any potential brand damage as a result of data leaks via email.